February 1, 2019


Evans and Sontag Jail Cell Escape is now open full time.  The reviews are in and guests are loving it.  It's not your usual jail cell type challenge.  This one is based on an 1892 train robbery and steeped in historical accuracy.  You'll have to use the tools of the time to not only escape your cells, but clear your name so the posse doesn't come after you.  If you love the old west, history, or just love a great challenge, you'll love our newest room.


About Evans and Sontag:

Chris Evans, and John & George Sontag were accused of a series of train robberies in Central California in 1892.  Based in Visalia, they ran from the law and were in hiding for over a year.  During that time, they never went more than 50 miles away from their home and visited their family for the holidays, though close to 3,000 detectives and posse members searched for them.  Half the town helped track down the fugitives while the other half supported their plight. 


Detective Will Smith of the Southern Pacific Railroad was assigned the job of tracking down who was responsible for the train robberies.  He was known to be in love with Chris's daughter Eva Evans.  However, John Sontag was engaged to Eva.  Many believed Detective Smith framed John Sontag of the robberies to get him out of the way.  He arrest George Sontag, and set John on the run with Chris.


While Chris and John were on the run, Chis's wife, his daughter Eva, and other members of her family toured in a melodrama around the country based on Chris and John's story to raise money for their legal defense.  Having never acted before, Eva was said to be a natural for the stage and was loved by many fans.


Chris and John survived many close calls and shootouts.  It was at the Battle of Stone Corral that they were both caught.  John received a mortal wound and died a few weeks later in jail.  Chris lost an eye and an arm in the battle.  However, with only one eye and one arm, he was able to escape jail with the help of Ed Morrell and was on the run for close to another year.  He was finally captured when betrayed by an in-law of his whereabouts. 


Chris was convicted for murder of members of the posse he killed while on the run, though a solid case of self-defense was made.  He was sent to jail, but was pardoned in 1911.  He was never convicted of train robbery.


Ed Morrell, George Sontag, and Chris Evans all published books.  Eva Evans lived in Laguna Beach until the 1970's.  John Sontag's grave still receives flowers from an unknown admirer to this day.


You don't need to know any of this to enjoy Evans and Sontag Jail Cell Escape.  But it's fun to know.  Historical artifacts of Chris and John's adventure along with our screenplay of their story will be on display soon at PuzzleMazement.



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